Subtle Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating

Yesterday we discussed the obvious signs that a spouse is cheating. A person has to actively choose to ignore those signs, for whatever reason. Sometimes though, a spouse can be more subtle in their cheating. In Overlook, Kitty missed all these clues that her husband was cheating on her.

Less Obvious Signs That Your Spouse Is Cheating

  1. They shower you with gifts. Guilt motivates people to give lavish gifts. What does that diamond bracelet really mean?
  2. No one talks to you at his company Christmas party. If his or her coworkers avoid you, they know about the affair and don’t know what to say to you. If they won’t make eye contact at all, the other woman or man is probably in the room.
  3. They seem bored with their life – their job, the kids, things they used to find interesting.
  4. They start seeking out danger or thrills.
  5. They get a new cellphone that you do not have the password for.
  6. They change the passwords on their computer.
  7. Your sex life changes – more activity, less activity, different activity.
  8. They become a clam or a Chatty Cathy – Your spouse talks in three words sentences or they start asking you a million questions, only about you.
  9. Every other word out of their mouth is a criticism. If your previously pleasant spouse starts criticizing your appearance, your ability to do your work, or personality, question why. Are they making you out to be less-than-acceptable to assuage their guilt?
  10. They seem uninterested in family traditions and get togethers.


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