Women Behaving Badly


In writing Overlook, I did hours of research on group dynamics and the issues that influence adult female friendships. I found many fascinating academic articles and several excellent books (most notably Queen Bee Moms & King Pin Dads by Rosalind Wiseman) that discussed the underpinnings of friendship. None of them were as candid and truthful as Alana Munro is in Women Behaving Badly – Exposing the Truth about Female Friendship. Her book is both gritty and accessible. I wish I had read it before writing Overlook. It would have been a big help in getting those scenes between Stacia and The Lookers right.

Here is the review I wrote on Goodreads: In Women Behaving Badly, Alana Munro exposes the ugly underbelly of female friendships. In this brave discussion of how women mistreat each other; Munro discusses how jealousy, gossip, and competitiveness erode relationships. She shares her own deeply personal experiences as well as the stories of pain and betrayal she has collected. I found it cathartic to read about how super intense female friendship is not “closeness” but a form of manipulation. The discussion of cliques and exclusive dyads was spot on.

Ms. Munro does not merely debunk the notion of a sisterhood of women. The last section of the book lays out some good tips on what to look for in a healthy friendship and offers support to every woman hurting from the betrayal and pain found in many female friendships.

7 thoughts on “Women Behaving Badly

  1. Hi Elizabeth, thanks very much for taking the time to read and review my book. I am pleased you could see the path I taking with my book – trying to make sense of all the strange behaviours. I plan to reblog your review to my website and I look forward to dropping by again to your site once all the unpacking is done. Thanks again! I truly appreciate your support. 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on Alana Munro – The Author who loves to interview and support all authors and commented:
    Ahh that light and breezy feeling when someone who is not related to an author leaves a super duper dazzling review and even blogs about your book! My goodness how wonderful. I love how Elizabeth could see what my book was trying to achieve. I’m not saying all women are mental, cruel or difficult, but ‘some’ are and well let’s ask what’s going on? Why are some ladies so highly strung and complicated? Why do some females expect so much from their girl friends? What’s with all the bitching? She really ‘got’ me and that is a beautiful feeling for any writer. Thanks Elizabeth!

  3. Okay thanks, I have just purchased it on my kindle. Perfect timing as I just finished my last book. The title of the book is intriguing and the cover design has put a few questions in my mind.

  4. It’s easy for me to understand the motivation behind The Heron’s Flood (nice review, btw), but I scrolled down a little, saw this, and was surprised. I’m sure it exists, but luckily, I’ve never experienced the woman-aganst-woman dynamics talked about here. The worst I’ve ever seen is girls who abandon girlfriends in favor of new boyfriends. But that situation generally rights itself after the first glow fades. Interesting post. 🙂

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