A Story: Authors Lunch Out, A Watts Grocery ‘Fix’

It was lovely to spend a few hours with two of my favorite local authors over a relaxed lunch.

Stepheny Forgue Houghtlin

BudNYbcIUAAiTZcElizabeth Hine, Stepheny Houghtlin, Noelle Granger

Here is the story…an author named Noelle Granger kept leaving the nicest comments on my blog posts. Eventually, she mentioned that she’d once lived in Evanston, Il. where I grew up. I decided to take a chance and asked her if she would mind telling me where she was living now. Imagine my surprise when she told me Chapel Hill, NC. (70 miles away) “Oh, and by the way,” she asked, “Do you by any chance know the author, Elizabeth Hine?” Elizabeth and I were in a writing group together for several years and her critique of my work has always been extremely helpful. Last Thursday I met Noelle for the first time. I made a quick trip into the Regulator Book Store on Main street in Durham and bought the last copy of her book to take with me to lunch. End of…

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