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While researching the topic of domestic violence for an upcoming book, I came across this interesting TED talk from last year and wanted to share it with my readers. I am considering introducing the topic of domestic violence into the second book in my Overlook series, but it is a complex subject and I want to get it right. Also, that series takes place in 1976, so I have to be clear about how domestic abuse was treated then by the police and by society.

Anyway, I liked the connections Jackson Katz makes in this video between people’s attitudes towards domestic violence and society’s need to maintain the status quo. He also stresses the need for men to speak out against violence of all sorts as bystanders and peers. It’s worth watching.

3 thoughts on “Jackson Katz Video

  1. I’ve seen him speak in person, he is pretty inspiring! As someone who has been a victim as well as someone who spent time working with victims at a domestic/sexual violence shelter I can tell you I think he is dead on that this problem will persist until men speak out against other men (and women) who perpetrate it.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Hollie. I really like what Katz says in his talk about how domestic violence doesn’t just effect the person being abused. It effects the victim, the perpetrator, and anyone who is witnessing the violence. I’d like to see men expect better from their peers and stop turning a blind eye to violence, regardless of where it is being done.

      1. I was at work so I haven’t actually watched the TED talk you posted yet so this may have been included but I remember when he came to speak he discussed the men standing up against violence thing but also has a video out about how our entire culture has become socialized to violence. He uses pop culture, movies, and in particular WWF wrestling to make his points as I thought it was very well done. If is worth a google search if you are researching!

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