Radio Tour

It’s been an exciting few weeks since How To Climb The Eiffel Tower was released. I have been doing a radio tour talking to people about the book and cancer survivorship. If you are in the Colorado, Washington, New York, or Kentucky areas, tune in and listen to the conversations. Some of the radio stations I spoke to last week have archive feeds, which I have included.

Monday, 10/13 – Denver, CO KLZ-AM 11:00 CT  Experience Pros

Tuesday, 10/14 – Wenatchee, WA KWCC

Thursday, 10/16 – Buffalo, NY WESB-AM 10:00 ET

Monday, 10/20 – Lexington, KY WMST-AM 9:00 ET

Archived shows:

Barbara Dooley Show on WGAU in GA

Midwest Opinions on KOGA in NE

5 thoughts on “Radio Tour

  1. Wow. That is SO cool. Cancer is a subject I shy away from–still a bit tender on my part–but I appreciate awareness campaigns and people who can openly write/read about it. I’m wishing you epic success with your “appearances.”

    1. Thanks, Crystal. It’s been a crazy ride so far. I never know what people are going to ask me. In one of the first interviews, the interviewer asked me “How to feel about being a cancer survivor?” My first instinct was to blurt out ‘it beats being dead.’ Luckily, I stepped back and turned the conversation to the responsibilities of survivorship but my heart was racing for about twenty minutes after that.
      I appreciate that many people have trouble reading/writing about cancer and that was part of the motivation to write the book. I needed to write about the people I met during treatment in order to gain some distance from it. And, I hope this book will get more people talking about how much a person going through a personal crisis like cancer needs support.
      I bet you are having a crazy week too. Congrats on the release of your new book.

      1. I am gushing with excitement for you, Elizabeth. A radio tour! How fantastic! I only wish that I could tune in from Sweden. Can’t you stretch those radio frequencies a little further? 🙂

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