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There are many rewarding moments in a writers life, yet one of the high points in the process of writing a book is getting the opportunity to talk to readers face to face. I’ve just returned from a weeklong book tour to Massachusetts and Virginia where I had the chance to meet a few of my readers. It was wonderful.

I was very fortunate to be able to use the beautiful event space at the Tatnuck Bookseller since we had a good size crowd dropping in and out all afternoon. Of all the events during the week, this first stop was the only one where I actually stood behind a podium and talked. I read for a few minutes then answered questions for about an hour. A friend tried taping the conversation with mixed results, but if you’d like a taste of how the afternoon went – take a glimpse at this video.

The second stop in Massachusetts was the Shrewsbury Public Library. This was a much more intimate event. I spent a half hour chatting with a lovely woman who had seen an article about me in the local newspaper.  We talked about my books for a while, then moved on to books in general. It was great. Later on, two little kids came to the library to meet a “real author.” They were adorable. We talked about their school and the books they like to read and were excited when I offered to sign bookmarks for them.

The highlight of the trip though, was talking to the Martha Circle at the church I grew up in. Many of the ladies were retired teachers so after I talked a little about my books, we had a wonderful conversation about my education and the role my English teachers played in my early life. I even got the chance to pick their brains about town history for one of the books I am currently working on.

The last stop of the week was at Fountain Bookstore. If you are ever in Richmond, VA I recommend you drop by this adorable bookstore. It is locate on a quaint brick lined street and has an incredible staff. I spent a relaxed afternoon talking to the people that wandered in and out of the store and had a fun afternoon. It was a good way to end a long week of travel.

2 thoughts on “Book Tour Update

  1. Great to hear about your book tour, Elizabeth! It must feel wonderful to talk to your readers and to young enthusiasts like the children at the library. Hope they all spread the word about your books. My best from Sweden. /Susan

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