1000 Voices for Compassion

photo credit www.healthyplace.com
photo credit http://www.healthyplace.com

Today bloggers from all walks of life and lines of interest are blogging on the topic of compassion. Please look for the hashtag #1000Speak to read more about how people are thinking about compassion in our lives today.

Today, I am thinking of all the people out there that struggle with mental illness and the shame and self-blame that goes along with having an illness that people can not see. Society does not show understanding and patience for people who suffer from mental illness.

People do not choose to be ill. Illness is not a moral failing. People who are struggling with an illness of the brain deserve our compassion. More importantly, they deserve to receive self love. It is far too easy to slip into a blaming posture because we do not understand what is going on inside the mind. Patience and love can go a long way in helping a person heal.

We all have wounds that fester. Our life experiences leave scars on all our hearts that need compassion and understanding. Showing kindness and empathy to those around us can help us heal, yet showing kindness and forgiveness to ourselves can be even more powerful. We all have weak spots that deserve support. We all deserve kindness.

Through my writing, I seek to show how love and compassion can transform lives. How do you speak for compassion in the world?

10 thoughts on “1000 Voices for Compassion

  1. I have been trying to be more open about topics dealing with mental illness on my blog. It’s amazing how many people consider the very tame words I’ve shared to be “brave”. So much about mental illness is stereotyped and totally misunderstood.

    What a great topic to address for #1000speak!

  2. So many of us walk around with hidden battle scars the world doesn’t understand. Until we find others like us.

    Thanks for writing this, it needed to be said.

  3. Here’s to patience and love helping others (and ourselves) heal. So glad that you wrote about mental illness for #1000Speak.

  4. Illness is not a moral failing – so true. Yet the stigma of mental illness is still so prevalent; there’s a sense of “she could get better if she wanted to…” That type of thinking only hurts. Compassion goes a long way to help heal.

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