Escape Plan available for pre-order now

My next book will be coming out in a couple of months, but you can pre-order it now so it will magically appear on your Kindle on April 1st.

I am very excited about this book. When I wrote Overlook, the prequel to Escape Plan, I didn’t plan to continue Kitty and Stacia’s story in another book, but the gals wouldn’t leave me alone. One day, I was minding my own business washing my hair, when I imagined Stacia Tate Curran sitting on the bathroom counter. She flicked her cigarette into the sink and said, “If I hadn’t written that editorial, I never would have known that Bitsy wore a hair piece.” I had no idea what she was talking about, but I had to quickly dry off and get to a pen and paper before I lost Stacia’s voice in my head. Now, a year or so later, I’m ready to share the story of how Kitty and Stacia cover up a murder, hide an heiress from her husband, and keep their nosy neighbors from finding out what is going on behind closed doors.

epKitty Haskell needs help. After recklessly killing her lying, cheating, no-good husband, Kitty turns to her sister, Rose, and her good friend, Stacia Tate Curran to help her cover up her crime. Together, the women concoct a plan to make it appear that Seth died in a boating accident far from home, all while casting suspicion on his mistress. What they don’t anticipate are the dire financial consequences of Seth’s disappearance, the indifferent response of Kitty’s children, and the strain of guilt on their relationships. Kitty’s life is further complicated by the addition of a perpetually drunk heiress, an adorable baby that resembles Kitty’s children, and the intriguing young artist that shows up in Kitty’s life just when she needs him most. As their plan expands to include more and more people, Kitty is less certain she can get away with murder.

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4 thoughts on “Escape Plan available for pre-order now

  1. Congratulations on this new release. LOVE the covers on Overlook & Escape Plan. I’m a tough critic on covers rejecting the new look in vogue now. These suggest a period in which the story is set, features the main character, as the Maise Dobbs covers do. Based on a cover, I won’t even pick up a book. These covers WORK. Great job.

    1. Thanks, Stepheny. I like the covers too. I’m not sure if the average person browsing on Amazon is going to pick up on the fact that it is the same woman on both covers or that the woman on the cover of Escape Plan is wearing a dress that would have been popular in 1976, but I know that to be true. I also don’t think people will pick up on the fact that both covers have a lake in the background until they’ve read the books. One of my beta-readers flipped when he saw the covers because he understood the significance of her looking out at the lake.

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