Call for Beta Readers

I am in the final stretch of getting the sequel to Overlook (tentatively called Escape Plan) published. Before I send it off to the editor, I would like a few of my wonderful readers take a look at a draft and give me some feedback.

This novel has a bit more suspense than my other novels, so I don’t want to give too much away here, however, here is a sufficiently vague blurb:

After rashly getting rid of her husband, Kitty Haskell has to deal with the consequences of her actions. With the help of her good friend, Stacia, Kitty is finding her way to a new life post-Seth. However, Stacia’s help comes with a heavy dose of obligation. When Stacia discovers that her childhood friend and adult rival, Bitsy Magnuson-Evans, is in serious trouble as well, she asks Kitty to take Bitsy in and keep her secret. The situation gets increasingly complicated as Kitty is forced to deal with her husband’s mistress showing up with a baby in tow, supporting her own children, and the intriguing young artist that makes her weak in the knees.

If you are interested in receiving a draft of the novel, please reply to this post. Also, tell me if you would like a free copy of the first book, Overlook, for reference.