Adventures in photography

As the release date for How To Climb The Eiffel Tower approaches, I am gearing up to start talking to more and more people about the book. Part of that is putting together marketing materials that I can send people. This meant I had to have my picture taken. Few things give me the willies as much as looking at pictures of myself. I don’t know about you, but the woman I am in the pictures never looks like the woman I see as myself in my head.

Anyway, the charming Emilie Carol and I met in the Sarah P Duke Gardens on a steamy morning to snap some photos. It had rained the night before and was already hot and humid at breakfast time. Still, we soldiered on and got some nice shots.

Here’s where you come in. Which one of these photos is your favorite? If you saw this woman’s photo on the back of a book, would you want to read her books?


EAH Black jacket seated


EAH violet sweater leaning on post


EAH green shirt leaning