How To Climb The Eiffel Tower


Lara Blaine believes that she can hide from her past by clinging to a rigid routine of work and exercise. She endures her self-imposed isolation until a cancer diagnosis cracks her hard exterior. Lara’s journey through cancer treatment should be the worst year of her life. Instead, it is the year that she learns how to live. She befriends Jane, another cancer patient who teaches her how to be powerful even in the face of death. Accepting help from the people around her allows Lara to confront the past and discover that she is not alone in the world. With the support of her new friends, Lara gains the courage to love and embrace life. Like climbing the Eiffel Tower, the year Lara meets Jane is tough, painful, and totally worth it.

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12 thoughts on “How To Climb The Eiffel Tower

  1. You have a new follower from Luccia Gray’s blog. 🙂 Congratulations on the upcoming book release and the nomination!

    ~ Angela

      1. You’re very welcome, Elizabeth! I agree wholeheartedly: Luccia is wonderful and so full of energy! She’s one of my favs! 😀

  2. Thanks for stopping by to comment on A Night To Celebrate, Elizabeth. I’m 83. After years of being a profession actor , my voice was stricken with spasmodic dysphonia and I had to terminate what I call the sweet time in my life after raising a batch of kids and being super wife and mother. Now creative juices flow and I’ve just finished my sixteenth story all published by Vanilla Heart Publishing. Your story resonates with me. Again best wishes in all you do.

  3. This makes me think of the movie 50/50 staring Joseph Gordon-Levitt. It’s kinda crazy how a life altering event can sometimes force you out of your shell where people expect the exact opposite. Matt @ JC’s Book Haven.

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